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Aligned Signs


Aligned sign is the only patented self discovery and relationship tool of its kind using
three time-honored methods to match you with other member.



MBTI® is “the world’s most widely used  personality assessment” tool available to date. It is a questionnaire measuring personal preferences in how people perceive the world and arrive at decisions. Unlike a typical test, it has no right or wrong answer. Being more knowledgeable about the behavior at which a conclusion is reached allows for a better understanding of an individual’s  reactions to situations, valuations, inherent abilities, potential interests, and underlying motivations.



The theory of Astrology is based on the fact that when a star or planet such as the sun or the moon changes position, it produces an effect on the rest of the solar system. A system consisting of 12 different constellations, western astrology is considered the most popular astrological system in western countries. Today, western astrology is used to better understand personalities, compatibilities and future outcomes of people.



The Chinese Zodiac is divided into twelve cycles, years depicted by animals, instead of months. Chinese Astrology is primarily known because of the animals that represent each sign and the year which they are associated. The animal associated to a person by year depicts how that person presents themselves to the world and how the world views that person.



About us 


Aligned Signs was borne from my personal quest to find meaning in myself and in relationships around me. I had come to a point in my life where I felt like my life was turned upside down in a matter of a month.

Devastated and confused, I began the arduous task of finding meaning and began a journey of self-exploration fueled by reading books, attending seminars, and conversing with others on their views of the world and relationships. I finally derived a deeper understanding of myself with a combination of science and multicultural faith through Chinese Astrology, Zodiac, and the Myers-Briggs® personality assessment.  I learned how to be true to myself and realized the beauty of understanding the most important person in my life—myself.

In the rat race of time, it is easy to lose sight of the person who you are…but knowing yourself is the cornerstone of successful relationships. Inspired by my own success at finding meaning in my life, I created Aligned Signs to enhance and enable people from all walks of life to connect and enrich their lives and relationships. The first step to lasting personal change lies in understanding yourself. This is not the fuzzy spiritual consciousness one finds in most self-help books, but the practical, honest self-awareness that sets the stage for long-term improvement. Only through this type of evaluation can real, lasting personal change occur.

Aligned Signs empowers you with the knowledge to create more sustainable long-term change utilizing a multitude of tools that incorporate philosophy and science. By now understanding and being at peace with myself, I enjoy more meaningful, sustainable, quality relationships with others. I hope that, after using Aligned Signs, you can do the same!

Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs Founder

“Thanks +AlignedSigns for such an unique experience! Taking personality tests was fun and connecting with others than genuinely get me is soooo nice. I have downloaded the app on my phone so I can interact more while Im out and about :D”


Jhonson William

Aligned Signs User

“I checked out AlignedSigns and was impressed with how well I was matched. I definitely think the compatibility using astrology and other personality tools us really insightful. Thanks so much +AlignedSigns !”


Alex Miller

Aligned Signs User

“Absolutely LOVE this! So different from the others. A friend told me about Aligned Signs a week ago and I’ve been hooked. It matches up so well and also gives you good insight on yourself. Definitely an app to download or website to check out. Trust me, you’ll love it.”


Veronica Garcia

Aligned Signs User

“Aligned Signs offers a profile, your astrology and personality type, questions that helps better understand what you like and are looking for. I find most people here are genuinely interested in making meaningful connections, which is a nice change of pace! However… I still had to put in the effort on my profile to get peoples attention. I guess you get out what you put in!”


Katherine J. Redmond

Aligned Signs User

“Great app! I got much better matches once I put in my birthday details and preferences. However when I have a few minutes, I still go and search for people because I don’t like to wait for more. The app is simple and easy. Even if you aren’t good with tech, you can probably manage this. Haha”


Alma J. McEvoy

Aligned Signs User

“Great way to meet people that actually get me! It’s pretty neat to having my personality matched, not just based on looks”


Agnes Gilmore

Aligned Signs User

“I have to say the personality stuff is pretty neat, different than the other places I’ve tried. Keep up with the good work ! Loving it !”


Sharon B. Brewer

Aligned Signs User

“This app allows you to customize easily, whitch is nice because I have specific criteria on who I am looking for. I’m single but the astrology aspect seems to line up with who I am, so I’am hopeful I’ll find someone who fits what I am into understands me. Definitely a thumbs up 🙂 ”


Kim R. Richmond

Aligned Signs User

“Aligned Signs has been very helpful for us. Their compatibility tools are tremendous. I love it. Thanks Aligned Signs for your match up! ”


Chasman Barbie

Aligned Signs User



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